As the Weather Gets Colder

Jan 10, 2022

As the weather gets colder, and the body (especially the lip) gets wearier…it can be a bit of a mission to force myself into leaving the cosy house and attending the last of multiple carolling gigs.

But as soon as I huddle with my mates and cuddle Cleo (my cornet), I remember how enjoyable it is to have fun whilst gifting others the magic of music.

Brass bands are brilliant for big supermarkets like the ASDA we visited on Saturday. Our rich sound can be heard all over the store and I feel like it’s like giving everyone a warm hug through the lovely harmonies. Many people told me how they had enjoyed shopping to the music. Faces that had looked bored and flat on the way in, came out the other side cheery and bright.

The busy band players probably didn’t see the young disabled girl who danced all through one of the carols. She couldn’t speak about how the music touched her but her face said it all. Her mum took a video to share with relatives. Priceless!

Arbour Court on Friday was special and beautiful also, but in a different way. It was a peaceful and calm environment where residents listened in darkened rooms while the band performed on a deck in the middle of the quad. While we had fun, the residents were creating new memories to chat about later and no doubt having a quiet moment of reflection on the past. Staff were able to slow down for a moment and share a common bond with their patients. Every now and then, someone opened a window and passed on messages of thanks. Well worth the effort!

Well done to the band, and next year I will remind myself that it’s never ‘just a gig’ – it’s always a great experience and an important community tradition.

Article by Jackie Finney