Northumberland Arms 2023

May 15, 2023

Spring sunshine, a few lovely pints (or insert your own favourite tipple), and a great brass band: what a fantastic combination for an enjoyable couple of hours at the Northumberland on a Sunday afternoon.

As parents of two players, one now almost retired, we have watched countless performances all over the Northwest. So many different venues, and occasions (and obviously the weather) but the enthusiasm of the performers and smiles of the audience have always been a constant. You simply cannot beat the warm congenitally of a concert at a favourite local pub.

As usual we were treated to an interesting and varied collection of pieces, a mixture of film, television and other stuff I’ve never heard of, were played brilliantly (to my ears anyway!) only interrupted by the jovial banter of the conductor Steve, who adds a bit of information about each piece.

There were some lovely solo bits dotted throughout the performance, where the individual playing talent was clearly evident. It was so lovely to see the mixture of ages in the band. Apparently, one gentleman was playing alongside his grandson: how lovely. I wish I’d got the opportunity to perform in a band with my grandad, would’ve been a bit tricky though as neither of us could play an instrument!

So a lovely afternoon was had by all, especially those who bought £5 worth of raffle tickets to win a £5 bottle of wine ;).

Lookout for these guys playing, especially if it’s at a pub. Turn up, buy a drink or two, put a fiver in the collection buckets (or buy raffle tickets) sit back and enjoy the show. You won’t be disappointed.

Article written by Lee McAlpine