Piste Hägen in Romiley

May 12, 2019

The Marple Bierkeller Band, Piste Hägen Brass, could have been playing in any German town on Friday May 10th.

They could also have been received with the same enthusiasm as those who attended the Romiley and Marple Lions Bierkeller fundraising event at St Christopher’s Centre in Romiley. The concert was for the charity Varivocals and an impressive £600 was raised for the charity through ticket sales and a raffle. The Lions put together an entertaining and action-packed evening with a super hot pot supper.

The audience was treated to excellent music by the 40-strong Varivocals choir in the first half. They then took a very active/vocal part in the second half when traditional German bierkeller music with drinking games was played and as the event progressed they joined in the singing of popular songs.

The music ranged from The Radetzky March and the ‘Prost’ drinking song, through to Amarillo, Bohemian Rhapsody, Sex Machine and Edelweiss. A wonderful and varied programme led by Alan Seymour, of the Yorkshire Oompah Band, a very talented Geordie front man who had the crowd in stitches with his authentic German accented jokes and commentary. His teabag game went down very well especially after a few bevvies had been consumed.

A great evening which I am sure will not be the last that the Marple Bierkeller band are asked to do.