Bierkeller at St Christopher’s Centre

Sep 18, 2023

What a fantastic night! Fun, audience participation and laughter!

The crowds were swaying left and right, forward and backwards, up and down! There was much mirth when in ‘Old Duke of York’ the audience couldn’t get the hang of omitting the word ‘up’, and given the nature of the evening, with drinks being enjoyed by all, the band shouted out in good jest, ‘Rubbish!!’ only for the caller, Alan Seymour, to point out that actually the cornet section too had not missed out the notes either!

The band played brilliantly, especially since the evening at the end of the English summer was so incredibly hot. Special glory go to the men, some of whom had on hiking boots and long knee length woolly socks! Heroes in the heat! Others in the band and audience meanwhile displayed much fan wafting.

Comments from the audience:
‘It was such a lovely, happy atmosphere! Everyone had come to enjoy themselves, the audience and the band.’ ‘There was a great rapport between the conductor, the audience and the band,’ Ruth.
‘The band looked like they were enjoying themselves as much as the audience, especially Sue on the Eb bass.’ Brian.
‘It must have been very hard to play in such conditions but the band must also get a wave of energy back when you give so much pleasure to people’. Keith (organiser)